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welcome to mukilteo yoga!

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with mandy cummins

We are an inclusive yoga community in the heart of Mukilteo.  My goal is for every human who walks into class to be able to enjoy a individualized & non-competitive experience that supports progression, introspection & self-love, for everyone to leave feeling better.

I believe in stability downward & inward before outward expansion-which means to ground down in your Tree Pose before you raise your arms, and also to set a daily intention and practice self-care before you serve others. I also believe that we can use yoga as a tool to analyze patterns to replace ones that no longer serve us with healthier alternatives; in short, to help us live with greater health and joy.

I also believe in creativity, so no two classes are the same-just the teacher remains constant-that's me, Mandy.  I am an animal & nature-lover, a student massage therapist & a little obsessed with gardening my own veggies.  I believe that connection to self, to others & to earth allows us to embrace our humanity & live from a more peaceful place.  I teach with passion, because I firmly believe that movement & anatomical & philosophical education can transform our lives for the better.  

If you haven't been to class yet, I would LOVE to meet you. 
Come to class today & introduce yourself. Tell me your goals & how I can help you in private or group classes.  Or ask me about massage-I'll be adding that to my services very soon.  Oh, and if you're late, just walk in quietly. I get that tardiness happens & don't think you should stress out on your way to class.

Check out the
Teacher Training page if you want to do what I do for a living (it really is AMAZING andthese graduates all highly recommend it) and shoot me an e-mail if you want to say hi first electronically.  Much love you, whomever you are :)