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One Limb at a Time

Mandy Cummins 3.7.17

The 8 Limbs are a little bit like a road trip from coast to coast-your starting and ending points are probably fixed, but there is so much to explore and so many ways to explore along the way. For me, studying & living the 8 Limbs has lead me away from a place of feeling uncertain, of feeling stuck, or feeling alone, towards certainty, movement, hope & connection.  When I struggle, I come back to the 8 Limbs, and trust that I can learn from them.  They were written and propounded by someone or a group of someone's named Patajali (puh-TAWN-djuh-lee) and are there to help us live more peacefully.

Let's start at the end: you can think of Samadhi (some-ODD-hee), the 8th & final limb, as a state of peace.  Like those moments where you feel like you're right on track, like everything is as it should be, like you're deeply connected to all living things, past, present & future. For me, it's those moments where my golden retriever is sleeping next to me, free of pain (he's had a rough life as some of you know), or those moments during Teacher Training when I can see a vision of the future Teacher in front of me going on to positively impact thousands of people, and my heart swells as I recognize how right it feels, as I am reminded that teaching others to spread yogic philosophy is my path.  No matter what definition of peace the roads of your mind lead you down, the state of Samadhi is a life-changing endeavor.  The 8 Limbs can be practiced individually-physical yoga postures is the 3rd limb-or together-meditation, contentment & non-violence are places to start.  They all lead to the road of Samadhi, and that road is definitely worth the trip.  Follow me the next few weeks as we learn how to practice peace with a modern and individualized interpretation of the 8 Limbs. May you be inspired to explore on your own, and may my shares help support your journey.  All my love to you.