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Accepting applications for summer session (limited to 10 trainees, reserve your spot today)

This Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program was developed so graduates can understand the history, philosophy and physical and mental practice of yoga in a more personal and meaningful way.  Meeting all of Yoga Alliance's 200 Hour Training Program Requirements, graduates will receive a comprehensive manual, complimentary yoga classes during training, and lectures taught by some of the most inspiring local female leaders in yoga. Graduates will learn:  

Yoga Asana alignment, benefits, hands-on adjustments & modifications-learn the energetic action of each pose, the purpose, the muscles lengthening vs. strengthening, how to modify to avoid pain, and how to offer adjustments and modifications to your students.  How to teach yoga to all ages in an authentic, empowering & positive teaching style-discover your inner teacher.  Reflect on what kind of feeling you want to impart when you communicate with people, and practice communicating effectively, using positive & empowering language-to create an open and safe space for growth.  Yoga Anatomy-learn how your internal systems work together during & after asana so your body operates at maximum efficiency, with a special emphasis on the Muskuloskeletal System.  Modifications using props-learn how & when to use and teach using the industry's latest props: straps, blocks, blankets, the wall.  Sanskrit-learn how to pronounce many Sanskrit terms, what they mean, and the power of using them.  7 Major Chakras-learn how to use & teach this powerful system of balance that stems from bundles of nerves up and down your spine.  Patanjali's 8 Limbs-study this path of bliss to learn how to incorporate ancient philosophy into your life and onto your student's mats to become more peaceful and connected beings.   History-Key figures in yoga lineage-learn about the journey of yoga, who helped direct it's evolution, and modern figures of importance.  Ayurveda-learn how to use aromatherapy, asana, exercise and food to balance your life utilizing the "sister science" of yoga.

If you are drawn to this program, don't hesitate to reach out and take advantage of this opportunity to grow in your yogic practice and to serve others. This small group training is limited to 10 trainees to ensure you receive a quality experience.

Contact us to join the waiting list for the next round of training, which begins on July 12th, 2017!

3 Tips to Create Calm

Posted on February 27, 2016

Ancient seekers of enlightenment had the very possible opportunity of seeking solace, peace, and meditation by living in caves, where they were able to study and grow without the distractions that we face every day (and even every minute).  While vacations can be great to reset our mindset, help us slow down, and re-center our focus, here are my top 3 tips keep calm-and happy-in our busy world:

1.  Set an intention for yourself when you wake up, and revisit it throughout your day. You can write it down and carry it with you, set an alarm on your phone or computer to remind you, or at every meal take a few moments to remember your intention.  The phrase, “Today, I will trust that the universe is working with me, not against me” can be a powerful intention to promote an overall sense of calm and ease; pick any word or phrase that makes sense to you and what matters most to you today, even if it feels small or silly.  Every day earnestly-and honestly, that’s important too!-choose something that will help you grow and you’re on the right track.
2.  Meditate after your intention is chosen.  Set aside 5 minutes (or choose a song 3-5 minutes long) in the morning to simply sit still with your eyes closed and think about your intention.  Find a distraction-free space where you can be undisturbed, set a timer if you’d like and with eyes closed notice your natural rate of breath.  Focus on how each breath feels in your nose, and your belly, and in your body.  Then consider the reason behind your intention, how you will feel all day remembering your intention, and trust that you were inspired with that particular intention for a reason.
3.  Take time out each day to integrate your focused, calm mind with a physical activity-whether it be doing the dishes and feeling the warm, sudsy water on your skin while you stand in a relaxed way, or by walking while focusing on the fresh air on your skin and the smells of plants as you walk by, or by spending time with your dog and noticing the texture of their fur, the color of their eyes and how calming it is for you and them when you pet them-reinforce your new mind set with something physical (outdoors in nature for bonus points) to solidify this new habit.

By choosing to set an intention for yourself before the world outside of you has a chance to influence you, by reinforcing that intention with a few minutes of meditation, and by making everyday activities into mindful ones, you create and reinforce habits to help you keep calm in a proactive way.

Enjoy your journey!

-Mandy Cummins