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​11811 Mukilteo Speedway - ​Mukilteo, WA 98275

425.293.5297 ​@mandyandbarkley

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Private Yoga Rates

1 Private Lessons: $65

5-Lesson Pack:  $299

Online 4 Week Series:  $199

Call/e-mail for a consultation & to reserve your appointment.

Join the community-become a member.  When you do, you choose to prioritize your body & mind, for optimal health, wellness & happiness, ensuring you commit to yourself at least an hour a week-in doing so, you're also helping improve the lives of others by spreading the after-yoga vibe of positivity, acceptance & love. You won't regret becoming a member, and we're here to help ensure you get the most out of every single experience on your mat.

Get started today to be as present, healthy & happy as possible. Enjoy your first month at the discounted price of just $45.

A non-intimidating yoga studio dedicating to helping you Love your incredible life

​​​​Yoga Alliance RYS200

Teacher Training

Tuition:  Ask about tuition

No Interest Payment Plans Available

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Currently accepting applications for 2017

Group Yoga Class Rates

Drop-in Rate:  $15

Kids Drop-in Rate:  $10

10-Class Pack:  $105

New Student-Unlimited Month:  $45

M.Y. Membership:  $65*

*Members receive 5% off retail, Private Lessons & Teacher Training. Members can also receive $10 off the monthly membership fee when you refer a new yogi (the $10 will be disounted off the next month's fee, one time, 1 per month). 30-day cancellation.