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"Mukilteo Yoga is by far the best yoga studio that I have ever attended! Mandy is an extremely talented and knowledgeable instructor. She is very mindful of her students and offers modifications and adjustments to meet all her students' needs. I have made a lot of improvement with her guidance and look forward to attending her classes each week. Highly recommended!" - Jennifer August 2017

"Mandy is kind, welcoming and generous and her classes have changed my life."  -Evelyn December 2016

"I started taking Mandy's private class 3 1/2 years ago and I was hooked. She loves what she does and you get all of her wisdom and talent. I haven't been to another yoga instructor that can hold a candle to Mandy. Bright full of life and very caring. You won't be disappointed come in and roll out your mat. Namaste"  -Lisa November 2016

​"I can't say enough good things about Mandy. She is very kind, caring, gentle & inspiring. This place has been lifesaver in more ways than one. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. I feel blessed to have found this place. It's helping me finding myself again." -Jennifer November 2016​

"Love this class! Mandy is an awesome instructor who really cares about her students. Anybody can come to her classes no matter how much they've practiced yoga in the past because Mandy offers different variations of poses to make them more or less challenging. She will also advise you to skip any poses that may aggravate previous injuries. Come once and you'll be hooked!"  -Taylor 2016

​"Mandy is an amazing Yoga instructor!  Her voice is just so soothing and relaxing.  She challenges you, but also gives you the support and space you need to go at your own pace and find what feels good for you. She is just hands down the absolute best!  Could not recommend her classes more!"  -Viv 2016

"This was my first yoga class and it was very enjoyable. The session was paced very well and Mandy made me feel welcomed as a beginner." -Walter 2016

​"Mandy is such a fabulous instructor! She is kind, caring, and funny, and she makes yoga class easy and comfortable for everyone. I highly recommend coming to one of her classes!"  -Mehl 2016