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Yoga Fusion ​Our signature offering is fun, challenging & new each time-enjoy an hour of progressive, all-level yoga using vinyasas, props, creative variations & individual modifications so you can adjust poses to fit your body. Sweat, stretch, recharge, connect & appreciate.

​​​Restorative ​Held in candle light, this class will reduce muscular tension & allow connective tissues to safely lengthen & release, promoting your parasympathetic nervous system to take over and allow you to feel calm and rested.  Most poses are held 3-5 minutes & class ends with an extra-long savasana.  This class is a well-balanced must-experience addition to your weekly activities!  

Prenatal Yoga  for all trimesters, partners & anyone wanting to nurture their inner mother, this class is led by a Prenatal Yoga Teacher and will help moms-to-be connect to baby, remind them of how strong they are, prepare them for labor and healing once baby is born.

Yoga Rhythm Yoga and music work together to celebrate and highlight types of music, artists, soundtracks and eras.

Pure Flow ​Feel at peace with this relaxing practice. Slow it down, let go of your worries, take a deep breath and unwind in this hour of stretching, guided meditation. De-stress, unwind and let go of your worries.  Reconnect to your body and get into the relaxation mode with this all-level, beginner-friendly unheated vinyasa class practiced in candle light. Feel renewed, restored, and relaxed. 

Glow Flow is a celebration of movement, with no lights and just glow sticks. Join us & get lost in movement.​