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More than an escape, it reduces stress, allowing you to be more present & enjoy your life more fully.  Activating your Parasympathetic Nervous System, many types of yoga help you relax and de-stress-especially Savasana, that last blissful pose in most classes.  Read below to learn more.

  1. It strengthens your body.  Along with cardio and weight training, yoga can be practiced as part of a well-rounded approach to strengthen your major muscle groups and promote stability around your joints.  
  2. It promotes your flexibility and range of motion.  Especially the spine, yoga can improve flexibility and mobility in all major muscle groups and joints, help to release stored tension and move with more ease and comfortability.
  3. It helps you balance.  Encouraging stability of your joints, balance poses help you to build trust in your balance.
  4. It encourages self-discipline and reflection.  Yoga is an individual practice, whether you're in a class, a group, or alone-you can make each pose passive or active, so self-discipline is given an opportunity to grow each time you're on your mat. Quiet moments create space for reflection and introspection. 
  5. It increases your ability to focus.  Each pose has a specific drishti-or unwavering point of focus-to help you stay present and let go of your "To-Do" list, simply allowing the moment to be enough.
  6. It gives you well-deserved and needed "me" time.​  Life is full of stressors.  There seem to be expectations everywhere you turn.  There are emotional triggers all around.  Your mat can be your retreat. Your safe place to simply breathe. Your break.  Because you deserve it-we all do.
  7. It can remind you that you are innately good, perfect and whole.  

What are you waiting for? Add this health, happy, life-affirming practice to your day & experience these benefits-and many more-for yourself.