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"I haven't been to another yoga instructor that can hold a candle to Mandy."  -Lisa  2016

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When you choose Yoga Teacher Training, you prioritize communicating with the world around you in an authentic & efficient way. You'll also get to strengthen your body and learn about yoga history, anatomy & philosophy in a hands-on-way you'll never forget.  Are you ready to begin?  

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Strengthen your body, quiet your mind & live mindfully-on and off your mat.

Hi, I'm Mandy!  I'm here to provide you with dailygenuine encouragement and to share my yoga knowledge with you to inspire your healthiest, happiest & most fulfilled life possible. Here's the 3 things I have to offer you:

  • New Pose Variations
    • to educate & advance your yoga-coming soon via Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest!
  • Original Sequences 
    • to inspire your home practice-coming soon via Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest!
  • Classes & Trainings
    • to support your growth on and off your mat-online classes coming soon via YouTube!

Get started today by coming to class through the Schedule page, following me on Facebook & Instagram (links are left) and by signing up for my newsletter (link is below). Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey; I'm so excited to see how you grow.  Welcome to our kula!